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Seombris Marketing builds your website, designs your new logo, dresses your staff in the proper clothing and lifts your sales with clever campaigns. We are your company’s overall solution; quick, easy and with good results.

Seombris Marketing got its name in late 2011, but operations did not begin until May 1, 2012. The most common question we get when we have meetings is where the name comes from, the answer is a little too long to write about here, but we’ll tell you when we meet.

We are relatively new to the market but has, thanks to our innovative ideas received very positive feedback from our customers. Our philosophy when we founded Seombris was that our customers would need only one business partner to be able to market their company in the right way. For this to work, we need to be competitive in every field, therefore we have carefully hand-picked our partners to make sure that our customers get the best service possible.

I, Mikael Söderqvist, has been in this line of business for many years before Seombris started. I’ve therefore had the privilege to see the good parts of the industry at the same time as I’ve realized what needs to be improved. With Seombris my ambition is to fill the gap between a purely promotional company and an advertising agency, creating an overall solution for the customer.

Although Seombris is on a good path, we are far from fully developed as a company, and I hope we never will be. It is important to be sensitive to what the market demands, and to always be one step ahead.

Today we work with several webcustomers and do Action Marketing for a number of different brands, see our Reference gallery. We also have customers that come to us when needed. Our business concept is based on simplicity, and an open dialogue with the customer.

People usually know what you stand for and who you are. Some build shelters when the wind blows, some build windmills, who are you?

Nothing is impossible, the impossible just takes a little bit longer.

Quick facts

Established in may of 2012
Owner Mikael Söderqvist
Overall solutions
Always one step ahead

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