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Seombris Marketing AB work continuosly in different ways to make our work more environmentally friendly. As this industry contains many throwaway products, it is important for us to have alternative products that are made from environmentally friendly materials that doesn’t have such a damaging effect on the environment. We do our best to constantly update our range with new products in that field.

We only work with ISO certified suppliers where we require them to show documentation that they fulfill their obligations both to their factories and to us as a supplier.

The fact that we work a lot with Action Marketing to big brands that puts us under scrutiny, which means that the factories we use need to meet certain standards. For us it is important that none of the factories use child laborers, toxic paints etc. They must also have written employment contracts. To control this, we demand, before we start working with a new supplier, that they show proof of the last inspection carried out in their factory. We continue to do this annually to ensure that everything is as agreed.

Through long-term relationships with our customers we can have better foresight. This leads to more environmentally friendly transports, lower prices and better working conditions for our suppliers. We are also eager to tell our customers that more environmentally friendly products does not necessarily have to be more expensive. Additionally an eco-friendly product creates goodwill with the recipient. Seombris is actively working to continually reduce the company’s direct and indirect environmental impact.

Suppliers are expected to operate in line with Seombris environmental policy. Suppliers must therefore know and comply with requirements under national legislation, regulations and industry standards. It involves being aware of and monitor their environmental impact, and constantly strive to improve environmental performance in its operations.

Suppliers shall as a minimum have a safe handling of hazardous substances and waste.

Quick facts

ISO certified suppliers.
Good forward planning for better delivery and production conditions.
Continuous control of our suppliers.

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